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Bring your home more fresh

unduhan-30Garden windows are most commonly found in kitchens, but can also be used in other rooms. A garden window provides a three-dimensional opening to the outdoors, and can act as a mini-greenhouse. You can accessorize it with an herb garden, flowers and potted plants, or treasured curios.

These windows come in many sizes, styles, materials and price points. If you are replacing a standard-sized window and have rudimentary carpentry skills, you may be able to do the installation yourself. Custom sizes might require professional installation. Choose top or side panels that open for ventilation, and select your frame material from vinyl, aluminum or wood. Energy-efficient windows with the Energy Star; rating can save on heating and cooling costs and may qualify for a tax rebate. Pricing depends on the window size and material. Double or triple panes, coatings and accessories can add to the cost. Top manufacturers include Andersen, Certainteed, Jeld-Wen, Milgard and Thermal Industries.

We have a bay window with 1 stationary window and 2 side windows that open up in the kitchen. We were just informed that we are not permitted to attach a hummingbird feeder to the outside window. Do you make an insert that would go in the movable window and allow the hummingbird station to be technically inside our condo. Sort of like a box to insert in the open window space. Plexiglass? The hummingbirds are looking for their feeder. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Dynamic designs for your window tips

Aluminum windows predate their vinyl and wood counterparts. They are used liberally in the home market for their versatility and reasonable cost. A hallmark of this casing style is its ability to size: Builders use them to create large-area, picture-window effects, where the entire side of the structure looks as though it were made of glass. Featuring sealed, mechanically joined corners and clean, sharp edges, aluminum casements are known for their strength and stability.

The advantages of this window option include moisture resistance, a positive strength-to-weight ratio and the ability to choose multiple shapes for creative designing. Although they are not known for maintaining heat and cold as well as some other materials do, there are a wide range of low-cost engineering additions that can help to improve their energy-efficiency. Depending on the national region, aluminum fenestrations can cost between $3 and $5 per square inch for materials and installation. Complex designs can increase this estimate anywhere from 4 percent to 12 percent.

Double hung windows may be charming, but those overlapping window sashes are smack dab in the middle of your view. Casement windows, on the other hand, are hinged at the side and let in the maximum amount of light and view whether open or closed. Winds that buffet your home actually push the window tightly against your house, rather than creating little vortexes between the upper and lower sashes as they do with double-hungs. Casements are a natural for ranch, contemporary, Southwestern and other architectural styles.

Casements are great for bedrooms, where they can open wide for emergency exiting and are easy to operate even for those who are wheelchair-bound. From the outside, however, the controls can be difficult to overcome for an intruder.

For wide windows use double casements, or install narrower casements for ventilation on each side of a large, fixed view window. It’s easy to make a good case for casements.

Learning Basic Home Tips

Not everyone has the time to go to school to learn the basics of decorating. And depending on what you’d like to do as a decorator, not everyone has the need. But for those of us who have the eye, but not necessarily the know-how to design the interiors that we’d love to live in, there are numerous online resources that can give you more than enough information to get you on your way. With these great online sources, anyone can learn about the basics of decorating while finding wonderful inspiration for their first design project.

If  you have no clue about choosing furniture, selecting color, or what style of decorating you like, help is at your fingertips.

If you know just what you like but not how to bring the look to your home, you’ll find photos, tutorials, and helpful advice about decorating for just the right look.

Sitting at your computer, you’ll find loads of information without ever setting foot inside a classroom.

Whether you need ideas, color suggestions, or instructions on ways to do things, just get “web surfing.”

  •’s site for Interior Decorating
    Of course, we think you’re already at the first stop. Here at’s site for Interior Decorating we’ve tried to put together a lot of information to answer just about every question you might have. And we add more information all the time. But if you’re not finding what you need, check out some of these other sites.
  • Style Guides
    Our own site has a section on Style Guides for Home Interiors. Learn what goes into making a comfortable Shabby Chic® bedroom or a French Country dining room. You’ll have fun deciding what style you like and learn how to bring the different elements into your rooms on any budget.

welcoming charm windows tips

Why do bay windows get compliments when no one is likely to praise your casement or double-hung windows? Maybe it’s your window seat cushion that invites relaxing and day-dreaming, or the cat sleeping amid the African violets, or possible stained glass in the center panel, there for privacy as much as looks.

Bays can be as versatile as they are beautiful. They gather light into a dark room. One or more windows in the bay can be operable for ventilation. You can use any style of window from casement to awning, or a combination of fixed and operable. Use multi-paned uppers, obscure or stained glass, or etched-glass ovals for a touch of elegance.

Make the bay as wide or as tall as you like. Drape the bay in tasseled silk swags or minimize window treatments with blinds or pleated shades. After all, a bay window is a palette, and you are the artist.

Awning windows provide excellent ventilation. They can be placed high on a wall to cool your home naturally, and to allow light in while maintaining privacy. If you live in a rainy climate, these hand-cranked windows may be better than casement windows for ventilation, because the window, hinged at the top, opens outward and shields against the weather. These windows are sometimes confused with hopper windows, which hinge at the bottom and open inward.

You may see awning fenestrations aligned in columns or rows on a home, or flanking a picture window. This style of sash may be made from many popular window frame materials, including vinyl, vinyl-cladding, wood and more. Vinyl or vinyl-cladding offers additional benefits in damp weather: no swelling or sticking. Popular vinyl window manufacturer Gorell offers awning styles in nine different colors, with double-pane or low-e glass for increased energy efficiency.